Don't start with visuals: 7 secrets to help you design better websites with confidence

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Don't start with visuals: 7 secrets to help you design better websites with confidence

Jerome Kalumbu
4 ratings

Are you aiming to become a skilful UX Designer and design better websites with confidence?

As a beginner, I know how you feel:

  • Frustrated by creating websites that fail to deliver organisational value;
  • Overwhelmed by all the strategies you read and watch about UX Design;
  • Confused about the terminology and depth of UX Design;
  • Struggling to master the design process;
  • Anxious about your lack of skills in UX Design;
  • Scared about working with difficult stakeholders;
  • Stuck into iteration hell with stakeholders.

The question is: Are you ready to overcome these self-limiting feelings and design your next websites with mastery and confidence?


Then read on...

"Don't start with visuals: 7 secrets to help you design better websites with confidence." 

After years of experimenting and failing at designing successful experiences due to a lack of skills and confidence in my design process, I decided to learn and master a design process that helped me build websites that deliver organisational value, bring happiness to stakeholders and make me gain more confidence in my work.


Without any action, I would have remained frustrated and  continued to design websites with a bad process leading to iteration hell, stakeholder dissatisfaction and companies failing to reach their business goals.

Having all this in mind, I wrote this actionable guide to, firstly, assist you in gaining confidence in your design process and secondly to teach you how to design better websites without feeling lost and overwhelmed.

After reading this book, you will:

Gain confidence in your design direction and process; 

Improve your overall UX Design skills;

Gain clarity about the design process of creating a successful site;

Understand better what makes a site successful;

Gain peace of mind whenever working with stakeholders;

Feel in control of your design decisions.

Inside "Don't start with visuals", you'll discover:

  1. How to Identify the right problem to solve in order to address successfully business goals with your design;
  2. How to know better your users and their needs;
  3. How the human brain works and what influences people to act on a website;
  4. How to define a great structure for your site;
  5. How to persuade (without alienating) your users with good copywriting;
  6. Ways to prototype and test your concepts;
  7. How to build trust and foster action with art direction.

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What people say about this book

"Jerome doesn’t suggest designers abandon creativity and replace it with predictability. Instead, Jerome asks us to balance them. He encourages designers to embrace business goals and users’ needs as creative challenges. He gives us advice on how to make designs which add real value. We need more designers like Jerome and more books like this."

— Andy Clarke, Creative Designer and Author of “Art Direction for the Web”

"I have been going through this e-book and I already gained clarity about important aspects of the design process. Secret n°1 and 6 definitely helped me gain confidence in my work!"

Isidro García Garrido — Computer Science Engineer

"I've been reading all and finally I got good insights on how to create the correct structure for a website. Beforehand, I was collaborating with web designers and developers and I've noticed that they gave too much importance on visuals and final parts of the website building process. I'd say that building a website is a big project with dive deep and research moments, often not clear to understand."

Francesca Ritrovato — Project manager

"This is an excellent resource for all Web Designers, Designers and anyone interested in UX Design. Content is easy to read and  well thought out with practical examples.

Also, there are plenty of references and resources to better understand the design process and learn how to design beautiful and functional websites."

Alberto Fornos — Master's degree in Web Design Graduate

Who is it for?

This book is mainly for beginners in UX Design but it can also be useful to confirmed Web Designers or anyone interested in UX design,  working solo or in-house, willing to improve their skills.

About me

My name is Jerome Kalumbu — Senior Web designer. 

 For the past ten years, I have been helping companies reach their business goals with their websites by improving their User Experience.

I also write articles related to UX Design. My main objective is to share my expertise with beginners and to help them design better interfaces.

FAQ: How does my first Impression Website Review work?

What if you could get a user's first impression of your site and get feedback on how to improve the user experience and usability of your site?

My first impression website review service is a fast, cost-effective way to get feedback on how to improve your website so that it performs better.

I will visit your site and give you my initial impressions and recommendations about how it could be improved in an easy-to-digest private 20-minute video.

After purchasing the service, drop me an e-mail with the link at kalumbujerome90@gmail.com, and I will review your website —you will get the review sent back to you by e-mail.

FAQ: Is there a refund policy?

Yes. I'm so confident in the value of the purchase but want you to be happy and actually use the book to improve your work! If you don't like my product or service, I will gladly refund your money within 30 days  All you’ve got to do is drop me an email: kalumbujerome90@gmail.com.

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